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Anti – Corruption/ Anti bribery Law Group

Anti Bribery/ Anti-Corruption Practice Group offer comprehensive and practical compliance advice from lawyers who have conducted numerous investigations and advised clients on global compliance issues. Clients can take advantage of this knowledgeable advice and counsel before and after compliance issues arise. We have experience in corporate compliance, commodities and securities litigation, and regulatory enforcement.

The U.S. passed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in 1977; India passed the Prevention of Corruption Act (PCA) in 1988 & The UK passed the Bribery Act in 2010; Further, reforms have recently been made in other countries, including Russia and China.

We render our services towards preventing violations, reviewing prospective transactions and handling internal investigations for our esteemed Clients, across borders.

Naashree Associates offers know-how and extensive experience to formulate FCPA/PCA/Bribery Act compliance programs including creating the policies and procedures, drafting and reviewing standard documents, viz, purchase orders, independent contractor agreements, distributorship agreements to decrease the company’s FCPA/PCA/Bribery Act exposure; design effective mechanisms to monitor compliance with these anti-corruption legislation, due diligence for consultants, representatives, and joint-venture partners to address FCPA/PCA/Bribery Act compliance.

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